Nov 20th – Enjoy Nature

We are challenging you to get out there and take today to put your cell phone down, put your laptop away, and set your work aside. Its coming to be obvious that the more high tech our society gets, the less we become attached to the wildlife and nature that is out there. We suffer somewhat a withdraw from nature because our daily lives are too embodied with social media, or work. Yes work is important, but if its a nice day outside, why not take a trip to the park and do your work outside? Nature can really heal a person, spending more time outdoors nurtures our “nature neurons” and our natural creativity. Nature can reduce depression and improve psychological wellbeing, joggers who exercise in a natural green setting feel more restored and less anxious, angry, or depressed than people who burn the same amount of calories jogging in a built urban setting!!

New ways are emerging to make that bond, such as family nature clubs, through which multiple families go hiking, gardening or engage in other outdoor activities together. Take the time to think about something fun to do outdoors, bring your family and your friends, plan a trip!

What is your favorite part of nature? Favorite animal or favorite place??!

Share with us!


The left picture is taken at Wharton State Forest in Hammonton, NJ.

The right picture was taken in Skagway, Alaska! The only way to get to this specific place for a salmon bake I enjoyed, was to fly in and out by plane! The employees there only go into the town once or twice a month; talk about connecting with nature!!


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