Nov 27th- List two places you go to feel calm. Take 30 minutes to yourself today.

What are your favorite to places to go where you can feel calm and relaxed when life is stressful? It doesn’t have to be a fancy spa or a special vacation spot. It could be the museum, a church, or even your backyard!

Sometimes when we feel stressed its best to get a change of scenery and sit back and take a deep breath, it can go a long way. If that scenery is serene and beautiful, that makes it even better! This reflects off of our post about nature, getting out in nature is something wonderful and we highly recommend taking a moment out of your day. Relax for 30 minutes today in a special spot or a certain place you feel comfortable.

Its clear that tranquil spaces are good for your health. In todays society there are more trucks, cars, and motorcycles on the roads than ever before. This is why we recommend maybe taking a trip to a park, or somewhere away from all of the noise, pollution and litter.

Enjoy our pictures of our favorite places to go when we feel calm.

We enjoy the beach, playing basketball at our local gym, taking nature walks, and being by the ocean!!

Where are your favorite two places??

Check out our Instagram for our friends favorite places! @DailyChalleng3



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