Get Fit For Christmas Challenge


Exercise: 20 minutes every single day

Food: No desserts, no fried food, no alcohol (with one cheat day a week), 64 oz water a day!

Wellness: Meditate, pray, journal, get sleep!

Before declaring this challenge its important for you to figure out WHY you’re doing it. Do you want to get in better shape? Lose weight for the holidays? Or even just to strive to get a little more energy to your days?

Challenge yourself, when it gets tough and you don’t feel like finishing just remind yourself why you want to do this challenge, it will help you stick with it and keep pushing forward.

Get out there and move your body, work up a sweat! You will be feeling so much better incorporating just 20 minutes of exercise in your day and eating well. Prepare yourself for that Christmas dinner!

We’re challenging you to find your why and get on board. December 1st is coming up in a couple of days and this challenge will help you lose weight, get toned, feel healthy and have more energy!

Check on our Instagram for fit challenges. @dailychalleng3



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