Pay It Forward Challenge

One person cannot make enough of a difference to completely change the world, but if everyone made a difference for one person, the world would change.

We’re challenging you to pay it forward, brighten someones day, make a difference.

Donate items to your local animal shelter or food bank, maybe even pay it forward and pay for someones coffee!

It feels good to make a difference in the world, even if it is something small. Have you ever wondered if anything you do or have done will be remembered? I do all the time and I think the idea of paying it forward could be something that changes someone’s life for the better. Even if everyone doesn’t remember you, the person you help does! I don’t know what will happen or even if it will be passed on to more than just a handful of people, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from trying. If you had an idea of how to change the world in a small way, would you try it? Well, here’s a chance! Try paying it forward! Feel good about giving back and doing something kind for the world.




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