Happy Holidays from US to YOU :) Safety Tips!


Its almost that time!!! This busy month is extremely jolly and filled with joy, but we have some tips for you for this awesome holiday season.

Holiday theft – theft has tend to rise in the months of November and December because everyone is ordering presents, sending presents, and keep valuables around the house! The best thing to do is secure everything that you can. Lock up your cars, trucks, homes, and even sheds!

Leave your lights on – thieves don’t normally come around the houses with the lights on that seem to be occupied. Leave on the outside lights and night giving your home a well lit area, also leave on some of the lights inside the home to give the appearance someone is home even if you are not.

Cooking hazards – a fried turkey is sooo yummy for the holidays, but a fries house IS NOT! Make sure you read instructions for cooking your turkey safely and please, use the deep fryer outside of the house. Keep children and animals away from hot plates/ovens/etc.

Decoration hazards – speaking of fires!!! Christmas tree fires can be a horrible situation for what is normally such a piece of happiness, if you have a live tree – WATER WATER WATER! Make sure your tree has water everyday as well as ensuring that any lights you use are checked for breaks or exposed wires.

Creative disposal – Dispose of your present boxes creatively; placing that 60′ tv box outside on trash can day after Christmas is asking for trouble. Try and break down your boxes and other packaging as to not give away the wonderful gifts that may be lying around your home.

Social media – In todays world, its important to be very careful about what you share on social media. Be careful about what you post and if you do decide to share about your gifts, or if you are away on vacation.

Whos at the door? – Criminals can try and scope your home posing as a delivery person or someone looking for charitable donations; be cautious. This happened to a friend of mine who tried to break in two days later!!!!


We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and a safe one too!!!



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